The membership season runs from Sept – August each year. All memberships are annual (not monthly).

annual memberhip rates
  • Family: Two adults $495 | Sign Up >
    • Each additional dependent is $100. (Dependents must be 22 years old or younger)
  • Couple: Two adults $495 | Sign Up >
  • Single: One adult $340 | Sign Up >
  • Junior: $160 (Must be 22 years old or younger) | Sign Up >
Senior Membership Rates (Must be age 65 or older)

Court Cash

Are you a snowbird that is gone for certain months of the year? We have a new program to help you that is called Court Cash and this is how it works… This needs to be done in person at the front desk and NOT online.

  • Members that travel south may ask to be considered for the Court Cash program. Each case will be reviewed independently for the reason they are making the request. This does NOT apply to those that are staying in town and just want to start their memberships later in the year.
  • If approved, we will do the math to determine what each person’s weekly rate is for their type of membership. For example, a Single membership of $340 comes out to $6.54 per week.
  • Once that rate is determined, we will take the number of weeks you will be gone and give you Court Cash which can be used only for court time and PCT. (Not for lessons or weekly sign-ups). In the example above a member that is gone for 12 weeks… pays $340 for their annual membership which breaks down to $6.54 per week, x 12 weeks gone = $78.50 in Court Cash credit.
  • The deadline to use Court Cash will be by Aug 31 of each year. Credits will not carry over to the next membership year (Sept-Sept)

Random Court Time (RCT)

Random Court Times: May be reserved up to seven days in advance of play. If all courts are full at the requested time, members may ask to be placed on a waiting list and will be called if there is a cancellation. Hope students may also reserve court times seven days in advance of play.

Billing: The member who reserves the court is responsible for the court fees, which must be paid before entering the court area.

Cancellations: Court time must be canceled at least 24 hours before play. If a reservation is canceled less than 24 hours before play, members will be charged the normal fee unless the Tennis Center can re-sell the court time. All no-shows are charged to the member who reserved the court.

Reserve a Court: To reserve a court please call the Tennis Center at 616-395-6060.

Mon-Fri Random Rate
7-9 am $16
9 am – 4 pm $20
4 pm – 10 pm $22
Saturday Random Rate
All hours open $20
Sunday Random Rate
All hours open $20

Permanent Court Time

Permanent Court Time: Permanent court times may be scheduled throughout the day with preference given to previously scheduled PCT.

Season: The months for PCT are Sept- May each year.

Conflict Dates: PCT times may have to be altered if they conflict with a Hope College home tennis match.

Payment: Full payment for PCT is due the first week of play in the fall of each year.

Membership: PCT is only available to members of the Dewitt tennis Center.

Book PCT: Please contact Trish Gosselar at gosselar@hope.edu for available times.

Mon-Fri Permanent Rate
7-9 am $16
9 am – 4 pm $20
4 pm – 10 pm $22
Saturday Permanent Rate
All hours open $20
Sunday Permanent Rate
All hours open $20

Private Lessons

To check private lesson availability, contact our Adam Ford at ford@hope.edu …or call our front desk at 616-395-6060.

Private Lessons: $68 per hour for members; $80 per hour for non-members.

A semi-private lesson with people from the same family is the same price as a private.

In addition to private lessons, you may choose to form your own private group. This is a great option for players who cannot fit into our regularly scheduled classes. It also offers the ability to choose your own time, the pro, the people in the group, and how many people the group will have. This chart lists all the possible scenarios from which you can pick.

1 Person


Duration  Member Guest
30 min $34 $40
45 min $51 $60
1 hour $68 $80
1.5 hours $102 $120
2 hours $136 $160

2 People


Duration  Member Guest
30 min $19 $22
45 min $28.50 $33
1 hour $38 $44
1.5 hours $57 $66
2 hours $76 $88

3 People


Duration  Member Guest
30 min $14 $16
45 min $21 $24
1 hour $28 $32
1.5 hours $42 $48
2 hours $56 $64

4 People


Duration  Member Guest
30 min $11.50 $13
45 min $17.25 $19.50
1 hour $23 $26
1.5 hours $34.50 $39
2 hours $46 $52

5 People


Duration  Member Guest
30 min $10 $11.50
45 min $15 $17.25
1 hour $20 $23
1.5 hours $30 $34.50
2 hours $40 $46

6 People


Duration  Member Guest
30 min $9 $10
45 min $13.50 $15
1 hour $18 $20
1.5 hours $27 $30
2 hours $36 $40

Ball Machine Options

Reserve the Ball Machine: by calling the Tennis Center at 616-395-6060.

The Tennis Center has TWO state-of-the-art ball machines.

Using the ball machine on a regular basis has proven to greatly improve a player’s strokes.

Use the Ball Machine on a per-time basis.

  • $10 ball machine rental per hour plus applicable court fees.
  • Juniors with a walk-on pass can get the court for free if they abide by the walk-on policy.
  • Watch a Video tutorial of how to use our ball machines at the link Here!