FALL 2020 UPDATE: Our session dates for the next school year are listed in the chart below.

Indoor clubs may now be open, but masks must be worn even when playing on the court.

We have decided to finish Session 1
(Aug 31-Oct 17) OUTDOORS at our tennis stadium and will only move indoors if it rains so we do not have to cancel classes.

Face masks, and daily health screenings (via smartphone) are required at check-in each time you come. Daily temperature checks are no longer required.

MEMBERSHIPS: we will start selling memberships around the 3rd week in September. Prices will be reduced to reflect the 2 month delay we had. All memberships will run through Aug 31, 2021.

Sign-ups are underway NOW at the links below:

GRADES 6-7-8
Just like the European models, we will use a variety of balls and court (sizes) to facilitate learning. Most of the training occurs on a regular-sized court using a yellow (regular) tennis balls and occasionally green-dot ball for certain skill acquisition. The main goal of this class is to get players ready to compete on the Middle school teams. Prices include us paying for every player’s Junior Team Tennis registration fee. 

   Sessions 2020 - 2021   Member Sign-up date   Guest Sign-up date
1) Aug 31 - Oct 17 (7 weeks)   Mon Aug 10, 2020   Mon Aug 17, 2020
2) Oct 19 - Dec 23 (10 weeks)   Mon Sept 28, 2020   Mon Oct 5, 2020
3) Jan 4 - Mar 13 (10 weeks)   Mon Dec 7, 2020   Mon Dec 14, 2020
4) Mar 22 - June 2 (11 weeks)   Mon Feb 15, 2021   Mon Feb 22, 2021



Grades 6-7-8