PARENT INFO (Grades K-5)

Below are several links we feel our parents will find helpful.

1) We are excited to be the areas only USTA accredited 10 & Under program. To see the guidelines we follow Click Here!

2) Learn how to keep your child in the game - Click Here!

3) Learn more about the state of junior tennis in the USA - Click Here!

4) Junior Walk On Pass: This is the secret weapon of everyone one of our highest ranked players. Every one of our best players has a junior walk-on pass and uses it. Our junior walk-on policy allows juniors that are members and currently enrolled in a clinic (or a regularly scheduled weekly private lesson) to play for FREE any day of the week. Below are the guidelines… 
♦ Courts may be booked any day or time that the club is open. 

♦ Players may book the court no earlier than 24 hours before the time they want to play.

♦ If any player on the court is using the walk-on pass, then all players must abide by the 24-hour rule before the court is  
   booked or they will be charged the normal court rate.

♦ When booking the court, players must tell the desk staff that the court is a junior walk-on court.

♦ Only the player that is enrolled in the class receives his/her portion of the court time for free.

5) Parents & Kids Play for FREE: Again this year we will allow parents of the players in our junior program to play for free with their kids at no charge. Here is how it works.
♦ The child has to be a member of the Dewitt Tennis Center ($160 per year) and be enrolled in either a clinic or taking a regularly scheduled weekly private lesson.

♦ The above will ensure that each player has a walk-on pass, which allows them to play for FREE if they book the court no earlier than 24 hours ahead of time.

♦ The parent does not have to be a member of the club nor do they have to pay court time! - Their child's walk-on pass will suffice.

♦ Anytime a player and parent want to hit together, they must book the court using the walk-on guidelines (24-hour limit) 

♦ The parent can only hit with their child and not any other kids.

6) If you have questions, please call our front desk at 616-395-4965.