The DeWitt Tennis Center of Hope College was made possible through the contribution of Gary and Joyce DeWitt and their children, Lisa DeWitt VanderKolk, Rita DeWitt Pieters, and Dirk DeWitt. The Tennis Center represents the DeWitt’s appreciation for students, education, tennis and Hope College. Other donors to the Tennis Center are Mr. Alfred Joldersma, Mr. and Mrs. James Lugers, Beth Post, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ruch, and Mr. and Mrs. William Swaney.

The club was dedicated on October 14, 1994, and serves as the home of Hope College varsity tennis. In 2003 the college decided to offer a full array of tennis programs to the greater Holland tennis community. Jorge Capestany he was hired to meet that goal. Since then, the club's junior program has become internationally recognized and the tennis pro staff has received many international awards. The strong desk staff is comprised of many employees who have been here since the club opened in 1994.

In 2010, the Tennis Center was named the national 2010 "Public Facility of the Year" by the Professional Tennis Registry" (PTR) see article
HERE. In 2012, the Tennis Center was named the Outstanding Organization of the Year by the Western Michigan District of the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

In 2012 the Etheridge Tennis Complex and the Heeringa/Vanderpoel Tennis Stadium was built and is also under the direction of Jorge Capestany. The 12-court outdoor tennis stadium is also the host site for the Hope College Tennis Academy which was founded in 2004.